Rapid Resolution Therapy

  • For post trauma survivors

  • Treatment is painless and does not involve the re-experiencing of traumatic event​

  • Treatment is often completed in a single visit

  • The practitioner takes responsibility for the process being successful

  • None of this is necessary and you feel better immediately

  • Change is immediate and lasting

To find out more information on RRT, visit: www.rapidresolutiontherapy.com

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SMART Recovery Family and Friends

  •  For family and friends of persons with addictive behaviors
  • Starting Monday, September 11, 2017, Monday evening meetings at 6 pm.  Call for information 503-819-4285

To find out more information on RRT, visit: www.smartrecovery.org

Photo Credit: Smart Recovery

Traditional Therapy and Counseling

  • Professional Issues

  • Marital Difficulties

  • Crisis Management

  • Life Decisions

Cognitive Behavior Therapies

  • Coping with life issues and trauma

  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

  • CBT
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