Diane Vines, Rapid Response Therapy PTSD Palm Desert

Diane Vines, Partner and Counselor

Ph.D., Boston University, Boston, MA
M.Ed. in Nsg., New York University, New York
B.S.N, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
A.A. in Nsg., St. Petersburg College, St. Petersburg, FL

Opening her first practice in Boston in 1978, she continued her practice while concurrently serving as a White House Fellow, founder and director of the National Adult Literacy Initiative with Barbara Bush, hospital director and assistant director, vice chancellor, vice president, dean and professor.  Dr. Vines has focused intensively on latest advances in the field of mental health and has incorporated post trauma therapies and cognitive behavioral techniques along with her training in traditional western medicine.  Beacon Associates is a welcoming place for you.

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More Than 40 Years of Experience providing healthcare solutions

Diane Vines, partner and counselor with Beacon Associates and former Dean of Nursing at Mount Saint Mary’s University, is one of the nation’s top healthcare education and service professionals. She has served on faculty at both the University of Portland and Boston University, and in government in multiple capacities, including as director and co-founder of the National Adult Literacy Initiative with First Lady Barbara Bush.  She served as nurse psychotherapist in community mental health in the South Bronx and with Beacon Associates, as a nurse manager in a child psychiatric unit, as a director of nursing in a psychiatric nursing hospital, and as a psychiatric nursing faculty member in several universities.  She served as director of ambulatory nursing for Boston Children’s Hospital where she co-founded the Sexual Abuse Treatment Team.  She has training as a SMART Recovery facilitator and a Rapid Resolution Therapist.

In addition, Diane was dean of CSU Dominguez Hills’ School of Health; she founded the CSU Summer Arts program; she directed the Oregon Governor’s Healthcare Workforce Initiative and founder of the Oregon Simulation Alliance; served as vice chancellor and board secretary for the Oregon University System; was a White House Fellow; and was special assistant to the U. S. Secretary of Education.

Diane is a dedicated researcher with a long track record of meaningful inquiries into subjects ranging from the effectiveness of poverty simulations in changing nursing students’ attitudes towards poverty and the poor, to the effectiveness of treatments for post-trauma survivors, and to the childrearing practices of prostituted and trafficked women.


2015-17 – Co-chair, Healthcare Working Group, Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative.

2014-16 - MSMU nursing received the White Mass award from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, was named by Bright Hub as one of the top ten nursing programs in the nation

2015 – Honored by CSU Summer Arts for founding the program that was celebrating its thirty year anniversary

2012 - Appointed to board of The Acme Network: Art, Communication, & Media in Education.

2012 - Honored by the Board of Multnomah County Education Service District for founding the first school nurse dedicated education unit in the country

2008 - Selected as one of 100 distinguished alumni in 100 years of the Vanderbilt University nursing program

2005 - Appointed to Blue Ribbon Committee, Clackamas County Healthcare Strategy, by County Commissioners 

2005 - Appointed to Oregon’s Psychiatric Nurse Workforce Development Team by the head of the Oregon Department of Human Services

2004 - Senior Fellow, American Leadership Forum of Oregon

2004 - President's Award of Distinction, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Alumni Association. Honorary Alumni Award (one of five awardees each two years)

1982 - White House Fellow (selected as one of 14 from 1200 applicants and the first civilian nurse selected in the 20 years of the program)


Oregon, Registered Nurse                                        200140577RN

California Registered Nurse                                      198331

California Mental Health Nurse                                 198331

California Public Health Nurse                                  198331


Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist (inactive)

Rapid Resolution Therapist national certification

SMART Recovery Facilitator


Federal grant for $1.3 million for increasing the diversity of the MSMU nursing students.

2015 - Honored by the California State University Summer Arts program as the founder of the thirty year program

Principal Investigator, Evaluation of Poverty Attitudes of Sophomore Nursing Students following a Poverty Simulation, University of Portland and Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles.

Principal Investigator, Research with Global Health Promise on the childrearing practices of women who are prostituted or are in human trafficking.

Principal Investigator, Rapid Resolution Therapy with Post-trauma Survivors, a national study involving pre- and post-testing of clients of over forty master practitioners

2011 - Principal Investigator, “Evaluation of Rapid Resolution Therapy for Post-trauma Survivors,” University of Portland Butine Faculty Development Award

2011 - Diane Vines, Principal Investigator, Rapid Resolution Therapy for Post Trauma Survivors, grant from the Institute for the Survivors of Sexual Abuse for study in Florida

2006 - Diane Vines and Susan Decker, “Evaluation and Replication of a Mental Health Dedicated Education Unit,” University of Portland Butine Faculty Development Award

2006 - Principal Investigator, SON Dean’s Grant for conducting oral histories of former University of Portland School of Nursing Deans

2004 - Project Director, Oregon Statewide Simulation Network; helped raise $1.02 million to establish and operate this organization 



Vines, D. (1986). Re-grieving in Parents of Disabled Adolescents. Boston University.​


Richie, S. & Vines, D. (2010). Angel Walk: Nurses at War in Iraq and Afghanistan. Portland: Arnica Publishing.

Vines, D. (2005). What Would Marilyn Say? (women’s health book). Portland: Arnica Publishing.


Vines, D. (In progress) Women at war. To be submitted to Sage Publications. 

Vines, D. (In progress). Risk and Resiliency in posttraumatic stress disorder, To be submitted to Traumatology.

Vines, D. & Napolitano, M. (In progress). Assessing posttraumatic stress in the primary care setting. To be submitted to JPN. 

Vines, D. (2001). Change is the main ingredient in the recipe for wellness. The Journal of the California Alliance for the Mentally Ill, 11(4).

Vines, D. (2001). Ingredients in the recipe for wellness. The Journal of the California Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

Vines, D. (1999). On the streets with chronic, persistent mental illness. The Journal of the California Alliance for the Mentally Ill.


Courses taught in 2010 to 2016, PTSD in Civilian and Military Populations, Community Health Nursing, Moral Injury, Psychiatric Community Health Nursing, Leadership, and Current Issues in Nursing.

National and regional presentations on childrearing of prostituted and trafficked women, poverty simulations, and PTSD in civilians and military members,

Presenter, (2013, June), Childrearing practices of trafficked or prostituted women, 2013 Association of Community Health Nurse Educators and Association of Public Health Nurses Joint Meeting, Raleigh, NC.

Presenter, (2013, April), Student coping with traumatic stress experiences, Building Health Academic Communities National Summit, Columbus, Ohio.

Workshop presenter, (2013, January), Civilian and military PTSD in the Mount student, Mount St. Mary’s College Convocation, Los Angeles, California.

Presenter, (2012, October), PTSD: Trauma effects and treatment, Nurse Practitioners of Oregon annual education conference, Portland, Oregon

Poster presentation, (2012, June), Childrearing in prostituted and trafficked women, Western Institute of Nursing annual research conference, Portland, Oregon

Presenter, (2012, June), A school nurse dedicated education unit, Association of Community Health Nurse Educators annual meeting, Portland, Oregon

Poster presentation with students, (2012, June), Poverty simulation, Association of Community Health Nurse Educators annual meeting, Portland, Oregon

Presenter, (2011, October), Preventing family violence and exploitation of prostituted/trafficked women and their children, American Public Health Association annual international conference, Washington, D.C.

Poster presentation, (2011, November), Evaluation of Rapid Resolution Therapy for post-trauma survivors, 24th Annual U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress, Las Vegas, NV.

Presenter, (2011, June). Creating a community nursing dedicated education unit. Association of Community Health Nurse Educators annual meeting, Chicago, IL.

Presenter, (2010, November). Women at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 138th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

Presenter, (2010, June). Assessing PTSD in the primary care setting. 2010 ACHNE and ASTDN Joint Meeting, Arlington, VA.